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Who in these lands has devoted his own life to the vineyard and the wine cellar, it looks with fear of child, but also with pride to the Vulture mountain, an ancient out volcano, in the north of the Basilicata, for a long time considered the putative father of a territory, of extraordinary beauty, full of history, legends and agrofood and naturalistic treasures.
Our vineyards are to be found in the most highly vocated heart of the Mount Vulture area, here around the villages of Barile and Ripacandida.
Some Fifteen hectares, (thirty-five acres), of vineyards from 40 to 60 years old, featuring a unique microclimate with exposition to the sun from dawn to sunset, an ideal alternation of temperatures between night and day, moderate ventilation and a hillside location.
The soils are volcanic and magmatic, with good calcareous balance and a high capacity for drainage, allowing the vines to store a remarkable range of components which provide a basis for the wine’s final and fascinating complexity.

Azienda Agricola Eubea